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The Art of Lighting and Color

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We all know that light influences our mood. That’s why lighting plays such an essential part in the design and layout of buildings, offices, shops, museums, galleries, etc.Also at home helps lighting to make us feel comfortable. Depending on the color, it can make us relax (yellow white) or energize us (blue white).

For the last 130 years, electric light has transformed our way of life. We are no longer attuned to the natural solar cycles, but are “ruled” by artificial light cycles created by our social and work lives. But we need to keep in mind that our biological clock likes indoor lighting that mimics daylight.

We need to be careful and selective when it comes to our artificial light sources. Yes, we do need light when we wake up in the morning, for working during the day and to relax at night.

However, strong evidence suggests that bad lighting is disruptive for our health and can even lead to depression and other mood disorders. So what can we do? Select lighting that makes us feel happy!

The secret sauce is choosing lighting pieces that are also a pleasure for the eye. A lighting piece can also be an objet d’art!

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