Primo Maestro Italia

The Egyptian Wall Light

Museo Egyptian

Exclusively designed for discriminating tastes, Museo stands for the very finest artisan craftsmanship. Inspired by museum masterpieces, Museo is sensational and eye-catching.
Museo employs our patented system of a beautiful layered image cut out of the metal case. The light shines through the image and the silky organza fabric billowing out of it to create a strikingly effective and beautifully detailed image.
Available with or without a cord, Museo comes with two switches on its metal case, one to light the central image and the other to light the periphery. They can be used separately or together.

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Carved on a stele (a stone slab or column with a relief carving) in the Louvre Museum, this is the image of Ramesses II, the Egyptian Pharoah, when he was a child. Ramesses reigned from 1279 to 1213 BCE, 67 years in what was one of the longest reigns in Egyptian history. The king is depicted in a child’s pose, seated on a cushion, his fingers to his lips, a braid of hair falling to his shoulder, and a uraeus around his head.