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“The PrimoMaestro story started when I met Dino Gavina in 2004 and continued until his death in April 2007. This website page is a part of my tribute to this wonderful man. In fact, there would not be a PrimoMaestro Italia without him.” Susan Sirigatti Stearn

Dino Gavina, “entrepreneur and cultural agitator who always wanted to go beyond the established, was one of the greatest architects in the creation of Italian Style…that defines the quality of Italian furniture design all over the world. Under his influence, some of the most iconic pieces of furniture from the past century were produced….” (translated from

“Dino Gavina (1922 – 2007) began his career in the 40’s working on stage sets, a great passion of his. He was convinced that design needed to be both modern and richly poetic, and soon began to gain support from many of the country’s leading designers and architects: ‘fathers of the country’, as he jokingly referred to them, including Carlo Scarpa, Enzo Mori, Marcel Breuer, to name but a few.

His work in those years was an important starting point for what then came to be known as Italian Style, and has since come to stand for top quality, giving Italian design the prestigious reputation that it still enjoys today throughout the whole world.” (

Sharing Gavina’s intellectual and entrepreneurial journey were such artists, designers and architects as Lucio Fontana, Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Breuer, Kazuhide Takahama, Man Ray, the Castiglione brothers, Carlo and Tobia Scarpa and Sebastian Matta. The companies that also were influenced by him were Gavina, SimonInternational.

In fact when we talk about Italian design, we are talking about Gavina. “His constant concern…has always been that of producing something to help make life more visually pleasing by using the potential of industrial production techniques. He is constantly on the look out for what is both useful and aesthetic, but not in a limited fashion-following way….[He sees] the enormous possibility-responsibility pattern inherent in manufacturing processes. Gavina’s aim is to show us that it is possible to live surrounded by lastingly beautiful objects….”

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