Primo Maestro Italia

Artisan Crafted Lighting



At PrimoMaestro Italia, Florentine artisans combine centuries old craftsmanship with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. The result is our unique, limited edition Artistic Lighting, synonymous with beauty, art and creative innovation..

Artistic Lighting

Our clients come to PrimoMaestro for a number of reasons. Our ten lines of Artistic Lighting offer pieces that they don’t see in every other person’s home. They are people who are looking for a certain degree of exclusivity and they find it in our lighting designs. And they want well made pieces that endure, that are unequalled and that are distinctive for their beauty and originality. Our Artistic Lighting cannot be found elsewhere. Based on conceptual patents, it is unique, innovative, well crafted and beautiful.

At Work On Our Lighting

See our team at work. Hand-crafted lighting made in Italy.

We also offer:

— Outstanding collection of Murano Glass Lighting. The high reputation of this special glass is continuously enhanced through ongoing glass research in the Veneto region of Italy, by traditional respect for quality production and by an experimental and creative willingness to incorporate innovation.

Modern Decor Lighting for homes, businesses and large projects.

Volterra Alabaster lighting including four new designs.

Accessories and Gifts of exquisite home decorating items found uniquely in Italy and known throughout the world for their fine handmade craftsmanship:

  • Deruta Ceramics
  • Murano Glass
  • Volterra Alabaster


Our clients especially appreciate our reliability. From experience, they know that they can count on our dependability, our excellent personal service, our timely deliveries and our quality products.

We Provide:


A broad range of modern fixtures and pieces for home, office, businesses, and large projects.


Unique Florentine lighting pieces with artistic images in both historic and modern lighting.


Custom lighting design services for architects, interior designers, builders, businesses and homeowners.


We also help you create special Murano pieces made uniquely for you. We insure their production in a highly professional manner by the finest Italian glass artisans.


Your corporate logo presented in a tasteful way as part of a beautiful lighting piece.


Several Via Lattea lines (Via Lattea White, Via Lattea Graphics, Via Lattea Murano, Via Lattea Art) which can be creatively displayed in ceiling and wall arrangements.


A variety of beautifully worked Murano glass and Volterra alabaster accessories for the home and office and as gifts.