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Why Artists and Artisans (including PrimoMaestro) Are Inspired By Cranes

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Throughout the ages, cranes have inspired artists and artisans around the world. Cranes are graceful animals with long legs and long necks. They are white with black on their wings, neck and head. They mate for life and are known for their inspiring dancing which humans have tried to copy for ages.

Cranes are often depicted in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The Egyptiansbelieved that the striking white color of the crane’s feathers symbolized purity. As a migrating bird, the crane’s annual return to the region was seen as sign of regeneration.

In Greek and Roman mythology, the sun god Apollo is often depicted with a crane as a herald of spring and light. Apollo is said to have disguised himself as a crane when visiting the mortal world.

In Asian art, cranes were seen as symbols of long life, faithfulness and happiness.

Japanese paintings and prints often feature cranes as a symbol of good fortune and longevity because of its fabled lifespan of a thousand years. The crane is especially popular in origami since the bird represents fidelity. Folding a love note in the form of a crane sends a wonderful message to the loved one since Japanese cranes are known to mate for life.

Chinese art also features the crane as a symbol of longevity. Next to the phoenix, the crane has been the most important bird in Chinese art since it was believed to be immortal. For the Chinese, the crane symbolizes the wisdom that comes with age, and it is a popular element in Feng Shui. A Chinese crane painting is considered to increase wisdom and enhance life.

In Western Europe, the crane became popular as a decorative element at the beginning of the 20th century. Especially art deco designers, artists, architects, industrial designers and artisans featured cranes in their art work.

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