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Dino Gavina, Creator of the Italian Style, still Inspires Generations of Artists and Artisans

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Very few people know the man behind the Italian Style – Dino Gavina, a true Renaissance man. The Italian Style has made Italian interior design a global standard of elegance and excellence. Some of the most iconic pieces of furniture of the 20th century have been influenced by him.

Gavina (1922-2007) fused creativity with industrial production, stating: “production is the most effective communication medium of our time, a medium that can be used as a vehicle for stupidity or for civilization.

For the first time in (art) history, furniture and art and domestic objects were mass-produced. This made furniture and pieces of lighting accessible to the general public and not just for a privileged few.

Born in 1922, Gavina founded Gavina SpA, a furniture production company based in Italy. During the 1950s and 60s, the company produced the work of many influential modernists, including the Castiglioni brothers, Carlo and Tobia Scarpa, Cini Boeri, Roberto Sebastian Matta, Vico Magistretti and Mario Bellini. He also inspired Marcel Breuer, Kazuhide Takahama and Man Ray.

As for us at Primo Maestro Italia, Gavina was an inspiration to us and encouraged during our earliest days. We met him many times at his studio in Simone – Gavina in San Lazzaro (outside Bologna). He inspired our “Via Lattea” line which he even named. He spoke about Via Lattea at a lecture that he gave at aHaworth showroom in Piazza Costello in Milano. He also arranged to have several Via Lattea pieces at the opening of the new Haworth-Castelli showroom in Rome and also introduced the line at a tribute exhibit in the prestigious gallery of Santo Ficara in Firenze along with several of his own iconic pieces.

Want to learn more about the genius of Dino Gavina? Stay tuned!

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