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How Primo Maestro Italia’s Table Lamp Was Inspired By The Stele of Ramses II

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Primo Maestro Italia’s Egyptian table lamp features a stunning image in antique gold leaf. It was inspired by a gorgeous stone slab or column with a relief carving (aka a stele) currently in the Louvre Museum.

This stele features Ramses II, an Egyptian pharaoh who rules Egypt from 1279 until 1213 BCE. His 67 years of royal rule is one of the longest reigns in Egyptian history.

The stele depicts the pharaoh as a child. He is sitting on a cushion, his fingers to his lips, and a braid of hair is cascading to his shoulder. He has a uraeus around his head to underpin his royal status.

Ramses II was an interesting person and one of the most powerful pharaohs. He is also known as “Ramses the Great“. He reigned for more than 66 years, and had about 200 wives, 100 sons, and 60 daughters.

He was only 14 when he became pharaoh. His accomplishments include the construction of some of Egypt’s most famous monuments and architecture.

He has traditionally been identified as the pharaoh who ruled during the Jewish exodus from Egypt, as reported in Biblical and Hebrew scriptures.

He also invaded Syria and went to war against the Hittites, which resulted in the bloody Battle of Kadesh.

His stele in the Louvre shows him on the front as a royal child identified by the royal cartouche. On the reverse side, although his name is missing, he be identified by his garments paying honor to the god Ptah.

Promo Maestro Italia’s amazing lighting piece is inspired by Ramses II, It is an asset for any contemporary home or office.

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