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Is Michelangelo’s David in Danger? (Primo Maestro Italia’s David is Still Fine)

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Researchers in Italy have warned that Michelangelo’s David is in danger. The gorgeous statue suffers from weak ankles. Italy’s National Research Council and the University of Florence have found tiny cracks in David’s ankles. This could make the statue instable.

The National Research Council told the Journal of Cultural Heritage: “Micro-fractures are visible in the left ankle and the carved tree stump (that bears part of the statue’s weight), threatening the stability of the sculpture.”

The statue is stunning and has inspired numerous artists and artisans, including Primo Maestro Italia. (Just visit the PrimoMaestroItalia website).

Michelangelo carved the statue from single block of marble in 1504. It was on display outdoors until it was moved inside of Florence’s Accademia Gallery in 1873. The statue underwent a year of restoration. Also centuries of grime and sulphate deposits that covered the statue were removed. The cracks were during that restoration discovered.

Experts have long been worried about the poor quality of the marble. Especially in case of an earthquake or tremors could the statute collapse. Experts have previously suggested to the sculpture to a facility where it will be protected from these kinds of occurrences.


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