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For the cultivated person with the highest expectations, the Via Lattea Art wall light is dedicated to contemporary Italian art from Tuscany, one of the renowned capitals of art.

We start with original paintings created by respected Italian artists and, using serographic printing, we create a fabric shade with the image of the painting on it. Then we attach this shade to the lamp structure which contains LED lighting. The shade is attached by means of PrimoMaestro’s revolutionary, patented new system which uses magnetic attraction to hold the shade on the structure. When the light is turned on, the image is illuminated from behind, the colors showing amazingly true to the original painting. A dimmer is provided.

An added feature is the possibility to change the “painting” by purchasing another shade separately.

Special request available. For inquires please contact us at

– Use a work of art of your choice


This landscape is bold and beautiful in its use of color and movement. Susi has created stratas of landscape at once fluid and substantial which convey a sense of the interplay of looseness and weight in the natural landscape. In this way, she leads us to experience the contrasts which she has woven into a rich harmony which reminds us of the geometrics of ancient cities and their stratas of stone and cliffs.

Limited Edition of 100


SUSI BELLAMY gives us a “glimpse of a world lit up with colour, life, and energy.” Having lived in Florence and painted in her studio in the tower of her villa there, with its far-reaching views across the Tuscan countryside and its surrounding olive groves, it’s no wonder that Susi says, “How could you not help but be inspired by such a wonderful environment.” But besides the influence of Florence, Susi attribures her ability to see, create and compose to her days as a fashion editor for Conde Nast Publications in London.

Her work demonstrates a profound interest in abstract images of land and sky, in the changing effects of light from night to day, in the mutating aspects of the seasons, and in bold, exciting colors. Besides group exhibitions, her works are in private collections in the USA, Italy, Japan, Great Britain, Australia, Hong Kong and Brazil.


Dimensions: 75cm square, 6cm depth – 29 1/2 square inches, 2.4 inch depth
Light Source: LED
Light Container: Silver color
Dimmer included