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5 Tips To Create Your Perfect Start-Up or Home Office (Hint: Invest In Branded Lighting)

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Small business owners and start-ups need to create an office that is not only pleasant to work in, but also makes a great impression on visiting customers, business partners and (potential) investors.

It’s easy to create wonderful office space when you have a large budget (just check out Google’s London HQ), but it’s a challenge to do the same on a shoestring budget. However, there are some cost-effective ways to make your office rock – keyword: lighting!

  • First impressions can make or break your company or business. The reception area of your start-up (or the entrance of your home office) must therefore be inviting!
  • Your office should be bright. To make it pleasant to work there, you need to invest in good lighting. Instead of standard ceiling lights, consider going for wall lights that that also function as art. This is especially important for corridors and meeting rooms.
  • Brand your office. As soon as a visitor comes in and walks around, they must know who the owner of the office is. Apart from putting your name and logo on the front door, also consider putting lighting pieces with your logo at the entrance and in reception/meeting areas. A good example (see image) is the branded lighting that the company Tellus ordered. The company opted for the Medici model to reflect what Tellus stands for and then had it customized by the Primo Maestro Italia.
  • Once your visitors need to wait, make them comfortable. Apart from a comfy chair, go for a small table with your brochure(s) for reading. A scrapbook with press clippings or photos of your work also gives them something to do while they are killing time (and sipping coffee/tea/water).
  • To make your office look bigger, work with light colors and mirrors. Avoid big paintings in bright or dark colors. When choosing office furniture, avoid black, especially for desks and tables. Apart from making the room or area look smaller, it also shows smudges and stains.

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