Primo Maestro Italia

Via Lattea White Square

Via Lattea White Square

Elegant chic. Cool as a hemispheric jewel, the Via Lattea White wall light is fascinatingly fresh. Inspired by nature, its pure design mirrors a terrestrial body as a geometric shape is transformed into luminescence that glows with the energy of light. Timeless, the 21st century design is strong, sophisticated, alluring.

The light comes from within a metal container that has an exclusive patterned design. The white, geometrically shaped, fabric shade is held in place by magnetic attraction, PrimoMaestro Italia’s revolutionary new concept for attaching shades to the lamp structure. Covering the magnets are four colored metal pieces that enhance the innovative design.

Bold and distinct, Via Lattea White is the essence of a modern free spirit.

The metal containers housing the lighting source are painted in silver leaf. The above products are available either with a cord and plug, or without cord and plug but ready for direct wall installation.

The circle and square shapes come with two metal magnet covers and the rectangular shape has four metal magnet covers. The metal covers hold the large white shade over the metal container. Color choices are black, red, silver and gold.

(Also available in the mounting system used for Via Lattea Murano)

75cm each side (30 inches)
Single Container; Standard Bulb