Primo Maestro Italia

Millefiore Square

Square With Millefiore 75cm each side

Pure modern design merged with the elegance of Murano glass.

A luminescent geometric shape with a single glowing gem of Murano (or with three). Via Lattea Murano wall light or ceiling light creates a dramatic ambience.

With our new shade attachment method that increases shade stability, Via Lattea Murano comes in four different shapes (square, circle, rectangle, oval) and six new glass designs.

Special requests for additional Murano glass color and designs, for other square and
circle sizes and for rectangle and oval shapes.

Square : sides 75cm or 29.5inches
Circle: diameter 75cm or 29.5inches
LED light


Murano Glass Insert Choices

Left to right top: Millefiore, Aubergine, Red Stripe
Left to right bottom: Blue, Brown Stripe, Red