Primo Maestro Italia

Pandia Double Table Lamp


Fashioned in Italy by the artistry of Italian designers and craftsmen, Pandia is the synthesis of the past and the state-of-the-art design of Florence. Offered in innovative finishes and a totally unique style, Pandia richly combines beautiful art images inspired by the glorious days of the Renaissance and ancient Egypt, with supreme quality.

Enhanced by our patented metal and fabric shade containing a cut, layered art image, Pandia’s design is a contemporary take on timeless beauty. The light shines through the image and the silky organza fabric to give luminescence and life to the image.

Pandia perfectly adorns any room.

(Available in various images and finishes)


Taken from a painting called “Mystical Nativity” (1500-1501) by the Florentine genius, Sandro Botticelli, the dancing angel strikes us with her elegance, charm and grace.

This painting, which is in the National Gallery in London, is Botticelli’s only signed work. After he died in 1510, The Mystical Nativity was hidden for three centuries, probably because it contained a dangerous message written on the ribbons held by the picture’s dancing angels. This message concerned the sermons of Savonarola who had been hanged in Florence in 1498 and whose body was then burned and the ashes thrown into the Arno River. Botticelli normally would have painted a scene of dancing angels on a wooden panel but instead painted this picture on canvas so it could be rolled up and hidden.


Dimensions: 28”h x 22”w x 9”d (inches) – 70h x 56w x 23d (cm)