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The Egyptian Table Lamp – Black


For the cultivated person with the highest expectations, we have skillfully redesigned timeless images into a very modern product that is ideal for desk or table in your most elegant room. The Janus Table Lamp comes in two versions: state-of-the-art Stainless Steel LED Table Lamp in Limited Edition (choice of portable model with rechargeable battery giving 8 to 10 hours of continuous light, or plug-in with cord) and our Egyptian Table Lamp Standard Model with light bulb.

The innovative design of Janus is enhanced by our patented metal and fabric shade containing a beautiful, cut, layered image. The light shines through this image giving it a 3-dimensional appearance while the silky organza fabric imparts a sense of luxuriant fullness and depth.

Janus is perfect for creating that special mood. (It is not meant for bright illumination.)

Janus Stainless Steel (LED) Table Lamp — Limited Edition
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Carved on a stele (a stone slab or column with a relief carving) in the Louvre Museum, this is the image of Ramesses II, the Egyptian Pharoah, when he was a child. Ramesses reigned from 1279 to 1213 BCE, 67 years in what was one of the longest reigns in Egyptian history. The king is depicted in a child’s pose, seated on a cushion, his fingers to his lips, a braid of hair falling to his shoulder, and a uraeus around his head.

Dimensions: 15”h x 9”w x 7”d (inches) – 37.5h x 23.5w x 17d (cm)
Light Source: Standard light bulb, not available in LED