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For the cultivated person with the highest expectations, the Via Lattea Art wall light is dedicated to contemporary Italian art from Tuscany, one of the renowned capitals of art.

We start with original paintings created by respected Italian artists and, using serographic printing, we create a fabric shade with the image of the painting on it. Then we attach this shade to the lamp structure which contains LED lighting. The shade is attached by means of PrimoMaestro’s revolutionary, patented new system which uses magnetic attraction to hold the shade on the structure. When the light is turned on, the image is illuminated from behind, the colors showing amazingly true to the original painting. A dimmer is provided.

An added feature is the possibility to change the “painting” by purchasing another shade separately.

Special request available. For inquires please contact us at

– Use a work of art of your choice


In these cityscapes, we find Myriam’s talent for portraying everyday objects of familiarity — stone buildings, entangled alleys, sky, rivers, trees — in such a way as to make them almost dreamlike. Painting in pastel shades of cerulean blues, she turns them into something ethereal, otherworldly, as in a dream. Here again, we see her particular style of using geometric horizontal and vertical lines and shapes to create a fascinating rhythm of the complexity of everyday objects in contrast to the simplicity of the order in which they exist.

Limited Edition of 100


MYRIAM CAPPELLETTI is a well-known and respected artist who lives and works in Prato, about a half hour from Florence, where she has her studio. After studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and then at the Accademia Cappiello, also in Florence, she studied the technique of painting frescoes. This latter was particularly enjoyable to her and it enabled her to develop her particular style of creating original compositions of various materials (cloth, paper, etc.) on plasterboard that has been plastered and scored with furrows. Her work has been exhibited in many cities in Italy as well as at important international shows in Shanghai, Singapore, Korea, New York, Miami, and Montecarlo.

Myriam’s work succeeds, through her colors and creative designs, in expressing profound emotions and concepts. In her paintings, her memories, thoughts and ideas become creatively reinterpreted as symbols and designs with metaphorical and poetic meaning that is derived from her inner world.


Dimensions: 75cm square, 6cm depth – 29 1/2 square inches, 2.4 inch depth
Light Source: LED
Light Container: Silver color
Dimmer included